2/6/2019  YSP Meeting


Important dates to be aware of:

  • 4/4/2019: Lockeford K-8

  • 4/13/2019: Picnic Day, UC Davis

  • 4/25/2019: Take our daughters and sons to work day, Davis

  • 5/3/2019: MME Science Fair, Davis

  • 5/17/2019: Riverview STEM

We will be sending out emails for pre-visit meetings.

If you are interested in curriculum design, website management, or other leadership roles, contact us!

Last Meeting (1/2018) Minutes

  • Intro: Who we are & What we do

    • A group of scientists, students, and volunteers dedicated to improving scientific enthusiasm and awareness especially in lower socio-economic areas

  • Announcements

    • Recent shoutout from College of Biological Sciences highlighting our activity booklets

    • We are Beta-testing a message board through the YSP website

      • Gain access here, click on the volunteer tab, request to be a member

      • The goal is to create centralized and convenient communication for busy grad students

      • Please let us know if this is helpful or spammy!

    • The Nuclear center at UCD Sacramento is interested in forming a collaboration with us. We could incorporate more physical sciences stuff, and this could lead to potential funding opportunities!

  • Events coming up

    • Stockton after school event

      • Repeat module, DNA strawberry extraction

      • Stockton newspaper wants to do a story!

    • Junior high visit

      • Biggest planning event of the year, LOTS of volunteer spots available!

    • Set up a booth for Take our daughters and sons to work day

      • Very flexible, can recycle activities used in the past

    • MME science fair

  • Fundraising

    • Reach out to school departments, usually raise about $1500

    • But also won a ASCB grant for $2000

    • Goal: print more booklets (500 more, for $232)

    • Goal: fundraise to buy more stereoscopes, $200-$500ea

      • Approach: Selling novelty t-shirts

      • Approach: Ask departments for money

      • Approach: Reach out to companies for year or event sponsorship

  • Getting involved, find a committee that fits your goals or skills!

    • Attend a class visit

      • Contact Dean about becoming a member

    • Help plan activities

      • Teachers would like downloadable lesson plan/ content background tied in with state standards to go along with the individual in class modules

      • Contact Emily

    • Help with graphics

      • Any graphics, illustrator experience, or t-shirt design

      • Contact Taryn

    • Website and Media

      • Making resources available to the public

    • Metrics and statistics

      • Analyze our data and determine way to measure success or impact

01/31/2017 - Informational meeting for After school Visit

Recap: Each quarter, the young scientist program visits a classroom-in-need. This time around, we are visiting an inner-city after-school program.  

Visit details: We will be leaving Davis around 1pm (carpools will be arranged), arrive at the school ~2pm, finish around 6pm.


-We will have 3 groups of 20 students aged 2nd-4th grade (6-10 year olds).

-Each group will be a mixture of grades. 

     - Some students get picked up early - those students will rotate through first.

-We are repeating our microbe module with some modifications based on feedback from our last visit.

 3 Stations:

  • Hand-washing: students will view petri dishes with microbes cultured from around their classroom and school campus. They       will learn that microbes are all around us but are too small to see. Most are harmless, but some can make you sick. That is why   it's important to wash your hands. We will do a glow-germ demo to teach them effective hand-washing techniqe. 

  • Microscope station: kids will get to use microscope to view tiny-living things : C. elegans, hydra, brine shrimp, volvox,           daphnia, drosophila (?), amoeba (?). Students will learn about the diversity of life and basic microscopy concepts. 

  • Worksheet/Craft station: Students will work on a worksheet that reinforces some of the key concepts from each station. They will get to color our Microbe Trading cards and create their own microbes complete with habitat, food souce and "cool tricks"

Classroom volunteers and Behind-the-scenes volunteers.

Classroom volunteers: 

  • Must attend a pre-visit meeting that will take place approximately 1 week before the visit. The time/date/location of this visit will be determined via doodle-poll. 

  • Must have application on file (can be filled out at our website)

  • Can order T-shirts to wear during visit (price TBD $8-10)

Activity planners:

  • Adapt material from our last visit 

    • combining the trading cards and create-your-own microbe activity​

    • Changes to worksheet

  • You will coordinate via email/google docs. For questions - email emily (elcartwright@ucdavis.edu)​

10/18/2016 - YSP Meeting Minutes


Recap: Science educational outreach program and training program. This is an opportunity to gain experience in communication and teaching. We focus on underserved schools and communities that do not get much interaction with the scientific community.


What’s new! We are a registered student org! This gives us blanket insurance coverage and privileges so that we can bring students to campus without liability.  We also have officers:

  • Treasurer: George. If you buy anything for the group give him your receipts!

Treasury updates from George:

  • Partner with a restaurant for a day and they will give us

  • Bake Sales (have the be homemade goods, not repackaged ones)

  • Saving tip boxes?

  • Donate lab materials that you are not using

  • Any additional ideas would be appreciated!

  • Activities Coordinator: Emily. If you have ideas for on/off campus visits let her know!

  • Communications: Rebecka. If you need updates on meetings or minutes do not hesitate to contact her.

  • Tech and Design Guru: Taryn. Talk to her about creative ideas!

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Dean. If you need to fill out forms to go into a classroom or to sign up for an event, talk to Dean!


This year’s goal: Develop a modifiable scientific module that can be repeated at different schools for different ages.

  • This year’s theme: Microbes and Public Health!

  • Harmful and helpful

  • Cannot see with the naked Eye


Activities for the Module

  • Taryn is making Microbe training cards (like Pokemon trading cards)

  • George will be hosting lab tools table, look at pond water under the microscope

  • Briana will go to classrooms on Tuesday 4 days prior, rub an agar plate with hands, wash hands, and then rub again – do the colonies decrease after hand washing? On Friday they will have the results!

  • Germ glow: simulates bacteria, glows under black light. Teach proper hand washing techniques and see if all of the glowing substance is gone!

  • Worksheet still needs to be developed: interpret plates, color, shape, number – talk to Emily if you have ideas for the worksheet


Calendar of events

  • Friday November 18, School Visit – 7am (depart Davis) to 4pm (return to Davis)

    • 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms – 3 classrooms, and Briana invited everyone for lunch!

    • Ideally we would take 5-6 volunteers

    • Previsit Meeting a week before if you are interested in going – please respond to Doodle poll!


Future events

  • Feb 21, 2017  after school program, present in a disadvantaged area, there is a need!

    • Shorter event 2:15-5pm, a possible way to engage if you have time constraints

    • May have to adapt the module to the age-appropriate needs of the group

  • Junior high school visit in the Spring

    • They are coming back and bringing more students!!

    • We will need to divide to conquer: form committees, it was a lot of work!


To be discussed further

  • Ordering Team shirts, ~$16

  • Conducting stats on student responses to visit: Thanks Linda!

  • Arranging carpool for the trip